The cultural and tourist information magazine of Val Gardena

The popular "Val Gardena Magazine" stands for interesting reportages, stories and portraits and focuses on the culture, history, land and people of Val Gardena.

The magazine has been published since 1999 and inspires both residents and visitors of Val Gardena. Over the last 20 years, the magazine has put down firm roots as a reference guide for tourists due to its continued focus on quality information, wide- ranging and stimulating topics, and to the link it creates with the people and traditions of the valley, such that it has gone on to become spokesperson in its own right.

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The "Val Gardena Magazine" has reached the age of 20

Twenty years full of news, interesting tales, history, characters, events and memories of our beautiful valley

From now on the book "The Twenty Years of Val Gardena Magazine", a superb collection of all the issues released from 1999 to 2019, is available. This special edition contains all the articles published over the years and is intended to help preserve a piece of our valley's history for our descendants.

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